How do I submit a news story or a rumor?

If you know a news item or rumor that's suitable for the MacRumors Front Page, Mac Blog or iOS Blog, and it hasn't already appeared on those pages, you can submit it by clicking Got a tip for us? Let us know at the top of one of those pages, or sending email to We don't choose to publish every story, but we certainly consider every story.
We're always looking for newsworthy stories, and submissions help us recognize news quickly.
Receiving credit for a submission
When it is clear that a particular forum member first led us to a story, we give that member credit in the news story. This is our way of thanking our users. It's only fair.
It is often the case that you are not the first person to submit a story that subsequently appears on the Front Page, Mac Blog, or iOS Blog. In many cases, our editors, who watch many major news sources, are already aware of the news and are writing up the story when users submit or post it.
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