How do I send private messages to other forum members?

You can communicate with other forum members publicly by posting in the forums. You can also have private conversations with other forum members. After accumulating two posts on the forums, you can engage in Private Convesations. MacRumors supports both conversations with a single person or with a group within the forum system.

Conversations are like email but stored within the forum system and addressed by User Name. They do not reveal any personal information beyond your User Name.

When you receive a Conversation message, it will be noted under Conversations (the envelope icon) at the top right of a forum page. When you send a Conversation message, the other member(s) will receive a notification but they must open the message to read it.

You can send or view messages on your Conversations page. You can send or receive an unlimited number of Conversation messages. You can leave a Conversation by deleting it from your inbox. 


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