How do I report a post?

To report a post, click the Report (see Report.png picture below) icon that is immediately under the offending post. You will be shown a pop-up box to provide the reason for your report.

You can also report any of your own posts when you need help from the moderators – for example, to ask the moderators to delete a post when you change your mind, remove a duplicate post you made by mistake, or move a thread you posted in the wrong forum.

Tips for reporting posts:

  1. To report a thread, report any post in the thread and explain what the problem with the thread is.
  2. If you are reporting a duplicate thread, please provide a link to the previous thread.
  3. If you are reporting an ongoing problem (e.g., a user making multiple trolling posts) rather than a specific post, please provide links.
  4. Other users don't know that you reported a post. Your anonymity is protected.
  5. Don't report a post by sending a Conversations message to a moderator you think is online. They may be just leaving or not on moderation duty so your message may have to wait for their return, when they will probably ask you to file a post report anyway.

Thank you to those who report posts needing moderator attention. Your efforts improve the quality of the forums!

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