How do I contribute to and its associated features -- blogs, forums, Roundups, Buyer's Guide -- are free for everyone to use.

However, users who enjoy using the site and want to support MacRumors may contribute, for $25/year, using your Account Upgrades page. The upgrade system accepts Apple Pay, Credit Card and Paypal.

You can renew your membership by contributing again using the same Account Upgrades page.

Your payment is a donation, but we give you some small thank-you benefits in return:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are helping MacRumors (the primary reason to contribute)
  • Access to private forums
  • Removal of all banner ads
  • A special user title (macrumors demi-god, macrumors demi-goddess, or Contributor)
  • Occasional other benefits

See the other ways to support

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