Where do I post comments about moderation?

The Site and Forum Feedback forum is for comments and questions about MacRumors and its forums. It is open to all members and suitable for some posts about moderation. The purpose of the forum is to let you ask questions about using the forums or about forum policies, make suggestions, or ask what other people think about an issue. We monitor the Site and Forum Feedback forum every day.

What types of comments can I post?

You welcome to make posts with comments or questions about moderation in general, including asking questions about the Forum Rules or the reasons for the rules. You can post in an existing thread on the topic or start a new thread for a new topic.

You should not post about specific instances of moderation, e.g., how moderation of one of your posts was handled, or about your personal history of moderation, unless you want to waive your right to privacy. That's because forum moderation is handled privately, unless and until you say otherwise. See Is moderation handled privately?.

If you want to talk about a specific instance of moderation, it's best to use the Contact Form so that the administrators can be frank and provide details of this instance as well as previous moderation of your posts.

If you just received a reminder about a particular rule and immediately start a Feedback discussion about the reminder, you'll probably be directed to use the Contact Form instead.

See also: What if I disagree with moderation of my posts?.

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