MacRumors Blood Drives

MacRumors holds a blood drive every year in the month of May.

The purpose is to increase the number of life-saving donations in real-world communities by encouraging MacRumors online community members to step forward. While most blood drives are specific to a geographic location or collection center, the MacRumors blood drive is online and worldwide. Collectively these drives have recorded the donations of hundreds of units of blood and platelets.

MacRumors encourages people to donate blood or platelets if they are eligible, and if not to help publicize the need for donations and encourage and support those who are eligible.

The MacRumors blood drives also encourage people to join the bone marrow registry in their country and to sign up for the organ donor registry in their state, province, or country. MacRumors offers information on how to do so.

The lives you save may belong to your friends, neighbors, relatives, or complete strangers. Someday you may receive the same generosity from others. There's no gift more precious than the gift of life.

Why should you donate blood or platelets?

Donated blood and platelets save the lives of people recovering from accidents, undergoing surgery, or struck by illness. These are people in your own neighborhoods who need your help. Donated blood and platelets are needed every few seconds, not just when hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters occur.

Blood and platelets can't be manufactured. They come only from people. By donating you can save someone's child, sibling, spouse, parent, grandparent, or friend.

About 1 in 3 people will need blood or platelets sometime during their lives. Over 80% of people will need a transfusion by age 75. Although 38% of Americans are eligible to donate blood, fewer than 4% actually do. Similar problems affect the U.K. and other countries.

An hour of your time could save up to 3 lives! 

Why should you join the bone marrow registry?

With a simple cheek swab you are volunteering to donate stem cells or bone marrow if you match someone dying from a disease like leukemia. There are many thousands of people each year searching for donors to save their lives. You might be the one and only person who can save a particular patient's life.

Why should you join the organ donor registry?

Thousands of people die every year while waiting for organ transplants. Your donation of organs when your own life ends could save the lives of as many as 8 people.

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