How do I register?

MacRumors registration is free. Our main rule is simple: one person, one account. Registration allows you to participate in the MacRumors forums and our associated sites. You must agree to the Registration Agreement and observe all Forum Rules.
To register for MacRumors:
  1. If you use email that has a junk/spam filter, add to your address book, approved senders, or other whitelists so you'll receive our email.
  2. Go to the Registration page.
    • To sign up using your Facebook account, click the Sign up with Facebook button and following the directions.
    • To sign up using your Twitter account, click the Sign up with Twitter button and follow the directions.
    • Otherwise, continue with Step 3.
  3. Fill out the registration form:
    1. Pick a unique Username that will become your forum identity. You'll get a pop-up message if it's not unique. Don't use your real name if it will be a concern for your privacy.
    2. Provide your real email address, which will be protected by our Privacy Policy (we never send ads or share your address). Do not use a disposable email service; such accounts may be canceled.
    3. Provide a strong password.
    4. Click "I'm not a robot" to bring up the human verification test (selecting images that match a description).
    5. Click the I agree to the terms and rules checkbox and the Sign up button.
  4. Look for an activation message in your email inbox. It was sent to the email address you provided. If you don't get the email, see Activation troubleshooting below.
  5. Click the link in the email to activate your MacRumors account. You'll then be able to fill out your Personal Details page.

You should now be able to use the MacRumors forums. If activation fails, see the following section.

Activation troubleshooting

Here are a few steps to help account activation problems.

  1. Did you receive the activation email? If so, skip to Step 6.
  2. Did you complete all registration web pages? If not, start the registration process again.
  3. Has it been less than 15 minutes since you registered? If so, wait for the email in case it simply didn't arrive yet, then return to Step 1.
  4. The activation email was sent to you but you didn't receive it. Check if your email program, web-based email service, or ISP has filed the message in another folder or has quarantined it as potential spam. If you find it, click the activation link, then skip to Step 6.
  5. Double-check if your email program is set to allow email from If so, skip to Step 10. If not, fix your email settings, then skip to Step 10.
  6. Did the activation link in the email work? If so, you are done.
  7. Did you get the error message "We could not activate your account because this web address is not valid"? If not (i.e., you encountered some other type of error), skip to Step 10.
  8. Has it been more than 24 hours since you registered? If so, the Activation ID timed out, so skip to Step 10.
  9. Check if your email program wrapped the activation URL onto multiple lines, so that clicking the URL gave you only a partial URL. If so, paste the whole URL together and use it in your web browser. If it works, you are done.
  10. Check if people who don't share your ISP can send email to you. When your email is rejected because your mailbox is full or your mail server can't deliver your mail for any other reason, MacRumors activation messages bounce back to MacRumors. Even if you contact us, we can't reply to you because our messages to you bounce as well. To check for this possibility, ask a friend who has a different email domain to send you email. If you don't receive it, you'll need to solve that problem with your ISP before confirmation your MacRumors registration. Some ISPs use spam filters that block email from some forum systems like ours. If so, you may need to use another email address such as a work address or a web-based service like Gmail, not the email account provided by your ISP.
  11. If, after all of this, you still can't register, use the Contact Form to contact our support team for assistance. Please provide your User Name, the email address you used for registration, and tell us what happened when you followed these steps.
It says my email address has been banned

We block registrations from particular email services due to abusive registrations, so just supply an alternate email address to successfully register. 
We don't allow disposable email addresses: they don't give us a way to contact you if there's a problem with your account and it can be a sign that you won't take responsibility for your posts. It's safe to use your real email address--you won't receive ads, promotions, or spam from MacRumors and we won't share your address.
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