How do I edit or delete my post?

You can edit a post if you've made it recently. You can't edit posts made long ago. You can tell which case applies by whether or not there is an Edit button below your post.

To edit a recent post:

  • Click the Edit button below your post.
  • Edit the text in the message box.
  • If you want to preview your edited post, click the More Options... button, click the Preview... button, and review your post.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

As a courtesy to other members, we ask that you not change posts in a way that interferes with a discussion by other members.

You can't delete your own posts.

When you can't do it yourself, you can ask the moderators to edit or remove a post for you. Click the Report button and explain what you want in the "Report Reason" box. The moderators will take care of it for you, as long as it won't interfere with a discussion among other members.

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